Was any other religion as exact in terms of genealogy as Judaism?

Was any other religion as exact in terms of genealogy as Judaism?

Old Testament has extensive genealogies dating from Adam (untraceable) to Jesus, (somewhat traceable). My question is, was any other religion (Greek Paganism, Sumerian Religion, Babylonian Religion, Assyrian Religion, Egyptian Paganism etc) as exact as Judaism?

The Sumerians did in fact have a very similar work, the King List. It predates the "begats" of Genesis by a considerable margin. Like about a millineum and a half.

Most likely it was done for roughly the same reason too: as a work of propaganda to back up certain peoples' claim to rightful long-time rulership of their region.

The genealogies tying Jesus back to that previous Jewish genealogy were done even later than that (somewhere around another half millennium, 70-80AD). The presumed motivation there was to retrospectively burnish his "Messiah" credentials, as some sources in the Hebrew scriptures state a Jewish Messiah has to be of the line of King David. To a lot of Jews at the time, his later followers claims that he was that Messiah would not be credible without that.

As an aside to literalists, there are actually two genealogies for Jesus, one in Matthew and one in Luke. They are both identical up to David (which makes sense as they could copy that bit from the existing Hebrew Scriptures), but are completely different thereafter. For those of us not burdened with supporting any prexisting dogmas, this is a pretty clear indication both were created separately, not using the same sources, if in fact either was created using any source whatsoever.

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