Cambodia's Angkor temples now available on Google Street View

Cambodia's Angkor temples now available on Google Street View

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Traveling to faraway places like Cambodia can be difficult for many: flights are very expensive, flight hours are long, the place can be unfamiliar, and the availability of time and money is not always convenient. However, wonders such as the Cambodian civilization of Angkor should not be overlooked, and now Google makes it easy for users to walk around its temples without even having to leave home by adding them to their 'Street View' section of Google Maps.

As reported by representatives of the multinational, they have added more than 90,000 panoramic photos that roam the complex in an attempt to bring Cambodia tourism closer to society and promote the tourism industry in the country and, incidentally, help preserve the magnificent historic site with its digitization and make it accessible in all parts of the globe.

Anyone who wants to can walk through the labyrinthine corridors that connect one temple to another in the complex, move between them freely and expand the details of the facades, sculptures and other artistic and archaeological elements, without spending enormous amounts of time and money on it.

Built between the 9th and 14th centuries, the temples of Angkor are one of the most coveted tourist attractions in the Asian country, attracting approximately 2 million visitors a year. But also, given the historical value that the historical complex keeps, it is one of the symbols of Cambodia's national pride.

The digitization of the Angkor route is part of theWorld Wonders Project'(«Project of the Wonders of the World») that Google has launched with the aim of publicizing the wonders of the ancient and modern world and promoting cultural tourism and that includes other sites such as the gardens and the Palace of Versailles in France, the ruins of Pompeii, the shrines of Kyoto in Japan, the prehistoric site of Stonehegne in Avebury (England) or the historic center of Florence. In the same way, it also collects wonders of the natural world such as the Colorado Canyon in the United States.

The Cambodian authorities have spoken out on the matter and have stated that the fact that Google has added a 360-degree tour of Angkor Wat will enhance the tourist attraction and that the project ‘World Wonders’ will encourage young people to get to know these types of cultures through the Internet and improve your technology skills.

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