Lost blocks from a Colossus of Memnon discovered

Lost blocks from a Colossus of Memnon discovered

The famous pair of monumental sculptures near Luxor It does not stand out precisely for its good state of conservation. The archaeological mission in what little remains of the temple of Pharaoh Amenophis III, led by the famous Egyptologist Horig Sourouzian, has unearthed a series of quartz blocks that fell off one of the Colossi during the earthquake that struck the temple.

The blocks, as reported by the Egyptian authorities, belong to the Colossus that is located to the north and represent part of his arm, the polychrome belt and the schenti or real folded skirt.

The Colossi of Memnon they are considered one of the most important products of the sculptural art of the Egyptian New Kingdom. Represent Amenophis III in a seated, hieratic position, as is typical of Egyptian human representations, with the hands resting on the knees and gaze directed towards the east. They were sculpted to decorate the lavish entrance of the temple dedicated to this pharaoh, which was razed in 27 BC. by an earthquake, according to the Greek geographer Strabo.

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