Restoration of two pagodas from the Bagan times in Myanmar

Restoration of two pagodas from the Bagan times in Myanmar

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Two of the nine pagodas built by King Anawrahta on the Panlaung River in the town of Kyaukse in the Bagano period They are in dire need of repair, according to architect Tampawaddy U Win Maung.

The buildings that present a worrying state are the Magyitaw Shwegugyi Pagodas, in Magyitaw and Sawyel Shwegugyi, near Saw Yel village. The latter should receive priority in these restoration works according to the expert, since it still retains the Bagano period crafts. The pagoda, located in an unfamiliar forest, still includes its original walls, although 20% of the floral designs on its ceiling have been lost.

Tampawaddy has emphasized the importance of ensure the preservation of these designs against the possibility of being replaced.

As for the other pagoda, Magyitaw Shwegugyi, it has suffered a significant deterioration because the Panlaung River has eroded the bank where the building sits. If urgent measures are not taken to reinforce this land on the banks of the river, almost half of the pagoda could fall into the river.

According to the architect, it is always being debated whether or not pagodas should be restored. The religious sectors are in favor of the complete conservation of these temples.

To repair a pagoda, the religious factor must be taken into account. For example, those in charge of repairing the destroyed cement do not fix it, but remove it and place new layers of cement on top”, Explains the expert. According to him, there is a conflict between the renovation of the building, and the cultural perspective, based on preserving the ancient remains as they are.

Tamoat Shinbin Shwegugyi is the only one of these nine pagodas built by King Anawrahta in the Kyaukse area that has been maintained with the intention of preserving its authentic style.”, the expert concludes.

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