The conflict over the first dynasty of Egypt

The conflict over the first dynasty of Egypt

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For decades, experts have been involved in a conflict over dating the first dynasty of Egypt. Upper and lower Egypt are believed to have developed a stable and unique ruler from 3,400 to 2,900 BC, thanks to information gleaned from burial sites and pottery remains.

A team led by Michael Dee, from the University of Oxford, extends the methods used to estimate the date. These are radiocarbon measurements made on more than a hundred hairs, skeletal and plant remains found in burial areas and found in museums. The archaeological and radiocarbon samples have been pooled following a mathematical model.

Thus, with a 68% probability, it is calculated that Enthronement of King Aha, the first of eight rulers in Early Egypt, took place between 3,111 and 3,045. This period was critical in world history and is notable for the rise of civilization in the Western Hemisphere, as people began to settle on the banks of the Nile and developed agriculture and consequent trade.

The origins of Egypt began a millennium before the construction of the pyramids. This understanding of its powerful state is based on archaeological specimens”Says Dee. "Using radiocarbon, this study indicates that the chronology of the first dynasty of rulers of Ancient Egypt as well as the formation of this civilization occurred faster than previously thought", Add.

Aha and her seven successors they ruled over a territory that encompassed a territory similar to that of Egypt today, with the Aswan barriers to the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Gaza Strip to the east, according to the study.

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